Comparitive sensitivity of magnets

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My first implant was V&P Scientific 0.7mm X 3mm N42 in digit 4. My latest was one of the resin coated jobs I've been making. It's essentially a 1mm X 3mm N52 as sold by, with an extra layer of resin. The difference?

 Amazing. I wrote off a lot of peoples claims before as wishful claims. You know, I really wish I could feel this so... oh hey I think I feel something. No, the N52 and N42 are night and day. This may also be related to finger choice. The 52 is in digit 3. I can literally tell the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous materials. You can feel the pull when near any appropriate metal... large speakers... etc. Much much greater sensitivity.



  • Damnit Cassox stop it!! Now you got me all hot and bothered and there's an xacto knife in my pantry.... :P

    I just finished the grind/polish job on my first successful resin coated magnet. You weren't kidding about the difficulty involved! I gripped magnet one too loose, so the rotary tool flung it across my house (still can't find it) and I overcompensated on number 2 and cracked the resin in half across the N52 diameter with my supergrinder strength xD
  • Shit...I guess I have to find this thing or my kid might eat it :\
  • a magnet made from N52 would produce about 20% more force under the same conditions as an N42. so the material can't make that much of a difference.
    my guess would be you got a very good implant position for the N52 magnet. how about putting up a drawing of where precisely it is located, how it is oriented and how deep it is in? so others can try the same spot and report results, maybe with out upgrading the magnet material so we get good data to compare against.
  • Slightly larger in size as well @ThomasEgi, a little nearer that l=d sweet spot for magnetic force in a cylinder.
  • that's why i said "under the same conditions" which includes the size. my point was the material itself is probably not the cause of the improved sensivity. that's from the physical point of view. i'll leave the evaluation of all other factors to people with more hands-on experience.
  • I have a 1x3mm N52 in the middle finger of my left hand. I still can't feel a lot of the things others are feeling. I have more of these magnets left and I'd be willing to try again in another finger if I can get feedback on better placement. Does it need to be right in the tip to work well? I think mine's a little too far back along the side of my finger.

    A drawing would be extremely helpful.
  • I agree. @Cassox, where's blog post number 3!!!

    (God I'm a slavedriver... :P)
  • I'm putting a 1x3mm N52 in the middle finger of my left hand tomorrow. I actually would really appreciate hints to placement. 
  • Begonia. Unfortunately, it'll be a bit before I'm done with my blog on placement. I'll do my best to give you a short run down. I'm assuming placement to be planned for the distal phalanx of a digit. The distal phalanx is the insertion for a few tendons like the flexor digitorum and extensor. There is a nerve, an artery, and a vein that runs lateral on each side of the finger. Fortunately, they're deeper than you need to go.
    More important is actually choosing an appropriate location on the skin. Do not make any incision which crosses a joint area. Do not make a fishmouth incision across the tip of the finger. Do not make a cut into the ventral finger pad. Do not make an incision that runs perpendicular to the direction of the finger. Any of these can result in scars, and in the hand these scars can result in pain for the rest of your life. I'm not joking. Hands are a surgical specialty. People study for years just to perform hand surgeries.
    The optimal way IMHO is to make the incision starting one third of the length of the distal phalanx, away distally from the last interphalangeal joint. It should be made at the divide between the dorsal and ventral surface, which can be identified as the place where the fingerprints start to fade. This isn't really the same for everyone, so if it seems too dorsal, then try to pick a place that divides that your finger just evenly into a top half and a bottom half. The incision should occur there.
    The pocket is then made allowing the magnet to be slid under the skin and under the thicker skin of the ventral surface. You'll still likely want some L or R offset rather than perfectly medial. Thats about it. I'm not at home or I'd send a picture. I'll see if I can make a little diagram.
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  • Ok, so it aint great but the best advice I can muster from a hotel room.
  • I wasn't able to get the pocket open enough in one direction, so I opened it on both sides, and then fitted the magnet under each side. I know this isn't preferable, but are there any major issues with that?
  • So did you make a V cut, or two parellel cuts?
  • @Cassox, that's a side view of the finger right?
  • I made a single cut parallel to the direction of my finger. Then when I wasn't able to extend the pocket far enough, I extended the pocket in either direction from the cut, so the magnet is pretty much directly under the incision point. 
  • I'm no expert on self-implantation, but I would be very careful during the healing process not to pull it toward the incision site with other magnets or metals, you don't want to reopen and potentially lose the magnet.
  • That is my plan. No magnets, no playing with it. I usually heal pretty quickly, but I'm adding in vitamins, and trying to be extremely careful with my left hand. 
  • This should be fine. Did you use a suture? You'll want to irrigate it with saline daily, and then apply triple antibiotic ointment and cover it with gauze.
  • I used a butterfly bandage until the opening itself was closed. Then I put a thin layer of superglue. I've been irrigating it and antibiotic-ing it every few hours, but I'm not sure whether or not it is making it through the superglue. I was going to do the suture, but the needle ended up being too large a gauge, and the medical store here is closed on Saturdays. 
  • Don't be too overzealous man. Just tape it up and leave it alone. Once or twice a day is enough. Is there any pharmacy nearby that is open?
  • Yeah, what were you thinking I should get? Also, not a man. 
  • Lol, man in a generalized type of way meant to be female inclusive. I really think that dermabond should be reinforced with steristrips and benzoin tincture. It can wait till morning, but if your going to be using your hands at all you might consider it.
  • I think all that can wait. I will be doing a lot of typing this week though, so it is probably worth adding in, just in case I forget and use the bandaged finger. Which I keep doing anyway. 

    haha, I assumed that you meant man as female inclusive. I'm just putting it out there that I'm female, since I seem to be a minority on here, and I think it's interesting the gender balance in these types of things. 
  • Agreed. @Cassox Have you ever encountered someone who get an infection where they implanted their magnet?
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    Hmmm... well I've only done them on myself and haven't met anyone else who implanted a magnet. I've seen plenty of infections though in other types of wounds, some of which have been at the site of sutures. When you have something like a silk suture, it can move junk under the skin via diffusion. It usually isn't a big deal, but the suture may need to be removed and some drainage might come out.

    On the other hand, the second magnet I attempted to implant I was unsuccessful with. I was hoping to get better sensitivity with a tip of the finger location. I made a fishmouth incision just below the nailbed and tried to work downward. It was a terrible terrible decision. That area naturally tends to pull apart, it's thick skin and hard to cut, and I did hit the tip of the bone. I think I would have been more successful than this except... I was using my left hand. Made it real hard. lol.

    I never got any infection in the area ( I was damn careful. An infection in the bone can lead to amputation rather quickly.) but it just wouldn't heal around the magnet. It kept moving around and preventing healing which was occuring very slowly. One day it worked its way out and the whole thing sealed up cleanly within a few days.

    Now this is totally inadvisable. Hand surgeons totally advise against a fishmouth cut along the fingertip. I was trying to push it though in order to find the perfect location for a magnet. The nerves are very dense there, and we seldom put pressure on the very distal tip.
  • @cassox I can't seem to find benzoin tincture anywhere around here. Do you know which stores carry it?
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