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*taps mike awkwardly*
is this how i do this?

i'm a molecular biologist working in a chemical engineering lab,
looking to collaborate with some fellow grinders in the area of bio /  chem research.

most everything here that i see on the front page has to do with implants...
i am excited about more. altering gut bacteria, synthesizing SkQ1, etc....

i have lots of resources and a grip of know how.

anyone making any progress, need any lab equipment, whatnot...


  • you may want to hang out on irc freenode ##hplusroadmap .the people there focus more on biology/genetics and may be able to point you to other people in your area or answer your questions regarding those subjets.
  • What's up @glims, welcome to the forum. You can still hang out here too. There is a thread on this forum about hacking body odor bacteria to smell fruity. Kind of like the igem experiment. Want to give that one a shot? I'd link to the thread but I'm driving at the moment.
  • thanks guys :)

    i'll check out the irc and definitely keep looking in on here as well. it's all interesting.

    i'm gonna head over to that thread and see what's up. i was just brainstorming about skin bacteria earlier today...
  • Hmmm.... can you help me with sourcing 3-dehydroretinol of at least 95% purity? PM me for my email and details on the experiment I have cooking up :)
  • pm'd. anyone else? is there a project page or something around here?
  • Pm me as well. Saal. You bastard. Trying to cut me out of the loop I see. :)
  • if it's alright with everyone involved, im just going to add you to the conversation in progress, that way you can see what has already been discussed.
  • Wait, isn't that the chem used for eye-enhancement? Chemical augmentation is out of my league for now so I can't help, but I'd kill to be kept in the loop on that.
  • But of course! I'll bring you in on the pm and send you my email as well.

    My bad Cassox :P I did link @glims your page but I just wanted your thunder sooooo baaaad!!!
  • Lol. I jest. I had given up on this for a while dude. You've reinspired me. Not to mention Glims seems to be bringing some awesome skills to the table. SKQ1 is bad-assed-ness.
  • That's kinda what I figured. I'm glad you're stil interested in this project though! Let's get our guinea pig on ;)
  • Sounds fascinating - biology has always been one of my weak points though. Can anyone give some more examples of near future biology biohacks? The scent one sounds interesting, but I'm sure there are tons more that are within our reach. 
  • The one we're looking into involves extending sight partially into the IR range. Look at the paper @ThomasEgi linked in the "Paywall Network" discussion for some info on that, or check out @Cassox' blog post on the subject:
  • there are lots of little hacks that i have wanted to try for a bit. my dream hack is altered gut bacteria to increase digestive ability. most of our digestion is done by bacteria for us, and even then, it is a very inefficient process.

    inducing a permanent mutation in skin colouration would also be sweet.

    @Cassox i have a SkQ1 protocol. it looks fairly straightforward and, even better, all these chemicals are hella inexpensive (as far as chemical go). i'm earmarking funds for the shopping trip now...
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