What do you feel most with your magnet ? your top 5

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Hi grinders !! Haven't been around a lot since a nice implant got under my skin 6 months ago.. Here I am back, feeling each day more electromagnetic fields !

The idea is to make your own list, starting from the strongest perception to the lowest, see if we get the same sensations and maybe think of new objects/events to hang around :)

1 Electric motorcycle (no sound from the engine but a nice human/machine interface, round per minute in your body)
2 Dubstep concert (very fat bass straight in your spine, the music is quite different in huge live conditions)
3 Professional microwave (literally shaking your hand !)
4 Anti-theft/security portals (some are so strong I prefer to avoid the shops, over you can't even slightly feel... you think it means they're off ?)
5 Very old TV (not flat, tube)


  • @Ezekiel #4 I would like to look into that... biohackers could possibly be better theives lol.
  • A magnetic stirplate is a fascinating experience. Beyond that I enjoy using my ring finger to put laptops into standby quickly, and I can tell whether power adapters are plugged in without having to dig through a tangle of cords. Oh, and I can tell whether bullets have iron in the jacket or core.
  • I can feel a lot my Nespresso coffee machine! Nice magnetic bubble on the left side of it.

    I agree with the anti-theft/security portal. There's also the demagnetizing plates near the cash registers in some shops, where the anti-theft tags get disabled. 

    Strangely I can't feel anything anything near my microwave household oven. Guess it's well insulated.
  • 1. The fan in my laptop is right below my pinky/middle finger.  Feeling it ramp up is like feeling my laptops heart beating.  I can feel the hard drive spin too, but not as well.
    2. Drills, especially older ones are really cool
    3. Magnets big enough to feel the field from 2-3" away, but not so big that they hurt to stick to your finger
    4. Power running through wires, the best I've found are the big power bricks.
    5. Security tags-when you don't expect them to be there and you're like whoa why is this booze so tingly.

    Best party trick for me has been a cell phone case that has a magnetic snap shut.  If I lay it out on a table I can make it levitate which is cool.  
  • Hi there! I'm working on an article about biohack. Anyone would be available to talk about your experiences with it? What did you implant? Why did you do so? What has improved in your life (senses, usefullness, day by day routine)? Please feel free to contact me - [email protected]
  • Hi there!
    Just to let you know, the article I was working on got published. It is in Portuguese, but maybe it's possible to understand it via Google Translate, here's the link.

    Special thanks to Saal and Caleb, they helped me better understand biohacking. 
  • This is a pretty old thread, but I'd rather not create a new post just for this...

    I found I can feel the electric motors in the trams that Melbourne uses in place of buses. when the tram is moving I can just barely feel it, but when the tram starts moving after a stop it is very noticeable.
  • Check this one out

  • I'm somewhat skeptical because I see no way why a magnet implant could effect being tasered.... can you or someone else explain how that could be possible?
  • This works the same way the magnets work on the nerve endings. There are very weak electrical impulses going through your nerves. The magnets put those impulses on steroids and that's how you get a sense with them. The taser is what it is. there's no deception in that video "sparkey" is strong enough to take down a cow. I can only guess how it works...but it does.
  • get a handful of magnets and try it for yourself! ;)
  • I'm not saying you're trying to deceive people, but I'm still not sure it's real.

    Have you been tasered before having the implant? I mean, how do you know it's not just a natural ability you have.
  • @ForrestFerroX That's not how an implant works at all.
    Your implanted magnet moves in reaction to magnetic flux, and you feel that movement as a touch sensation via your nerves. It's analogous to having a device that vibrates when there's a field. Your nerves do not actually interact with the fields.

    Where did you get that stungun, and what model is it?
  • Magnets have an effect on electricity...right? Nerves work on electrical impulses...right? Then why wouldn't a magnet effect a nerve ending the same way it does with electronics? The nerves get used to larger and stronger currents because of the magnets that's my take on it anyway.

    The stun gun was purchased on Ebay for $20 and sorry, I don't have the $1200 for an X26 standard police issue. The X26 was a total joke at 50k volts so I went as high as I could afford at the time. I have been hit with standard police issue x26 tasers and have a police report stating how "ineffective" they were. I have also been hit with an 800,000 volt cattle prod. There is no deception in the video. I did want to zap the camera man for comparison but he was not having it. I have not been "tasered" before the implants but I have been electrocuted on several occasions before and after. It is the implants that do this and for the record I have 12 of them. I would not recommend doing this with one implant.
  • If you want to track me down feel free to bring your own stun gun. We can go on camera and when your done with your little "tickle session" I get to turn the taser on you that's the deal. This offer stands to all. I'm not claiming anything other than "it is what it is" I don't understand how it works.
  • Nerves function through an electrochemical process that is not significantly affected by magnetism. 

    Stun gun voltage doesn't matter after about 20kV. The amperage is what hurts. The whole snazz about voltage is a marketing ploy to make you think the cheap junk you're getting is better than a $1200 police unit.

    The only thing higher voltage does is penetrate clothing better.

    Try zapping yourself somewhere without implants. My guess is you have either scar tissue that conducts more freely than skin or nerve damage.
  • The cops hit me 6 times in the wrist with an x26 right where I was showing in the video. When that didn't work the moved to my ribs and hit me twice. When I started laughing they moved to my left nipple and hit me twice. Then I was handcuffed in the back of the car when they hit me behind the left ear. NOW THAT HURT! I feel the currant and the amps do matter...but not much. I have gone to school for and worked as a Photovoltaic Installer, so I do know a little about the "juice". If you know what a TENS unit is, I have one and it is not cutting it since the implants even after fresh pads.

    I stand by what I said before. If you want to see for your self bring it! What's good for the goose is good for the gander, don't come to dish it if you don't want to take it. :)
  • Both tasers and tens unit affect muscle tissue. There are voltage gated ion channels which open when a change is detected allowing calcium ions to enter a muscle and initiate the crossbridge cycle. If a magnet implant has changed this somehow you wouldnt be able to move at all. The alternatives idea that its somehow being shielded is equally unlikely. Are you in cali? Ill definitely take you up on the offer. I assume that using my own device is acceptable?
  • Ah. Your going to the visions conference right? Cool. Voltage and beer are a great mix.
  • Please record this, either way it'll be entertaining to see.
  • post video or results after you do that. I recently ordered another magnetic ring, so I may try this too when I find friend willing to zap me.
  • Has anything come of the taser fest?! Also I don't know you but I'll zap you zlekrat. Also if you were electrocuted multiple times that means you have died multiple times. There is a difference between electrocution and being tasered. The proper way of describing would more likely be shocked or zapped.
  • Has anything come of this taser challenge? I would like to see whether this was bogus or not
  • If you have two magnets in the same finger, opposite sides, is there any chance of a cancellation affect? 
  • not sure...but you shouldnt put two magnets in the same finger because they will press the tissue between them together and cause loss of circulation which will eventually lead to rejection.
  • Do you reckon? I've had them in about a year, I hope not. 

    I've got some magnets here that are bigger than m31s, and they are able to attract through my finger. 4mm x 1.5mm, not sure on the rating.

    I'll wait and see, not going to cut it out unless I need to.

  • true, if theyre in and youre doing fine why cut them out. that's just what i was told when i had my m31 implanted.
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