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Since so much of biohacking (particularly sourcing supplies) relies on word-of-mouth, I'd like to take a moment to recommend Cassox' magnet implant kit as advertised on his blog at

I requested one of Cassox' surplus implant kits over email and payed for my order on Thursday, July 25th. Cassox mailed it Friday morning and my kit arrived Monday afternoon. I am pleased to say that everything was exactly as promised, securely packaged, and even included a few extra items Cassox happened to have lying around! Cassox' most valuable product, his excellent advice and knowledge pool, come free of charge; this alone is worth visiting his blog for. I also would not hesitate to recommend his products for anyone looking for safe, sterile equipment at a reasonable price. Cassox was courteous, professional, and informative. I will be consulting him in the future for any surgical advice and supplies, and I recommend you do the same.

As an aside, my tentative implant date is August 30th. I will be taping it and putting up a stashbox. In addition, I will be using the dental resin recommended by Cassox, so everyone will have a second opinion regarding that bioproofing method.


  • Thanks for reccomendation Saal! How is the resin work coming along?
  • The resin hasn't come in yet, but it should be here tomorrow. Hopefully I'll also be purchasing a used rotary tool from my coworker the same day, but if not I'll probably just get one from a hardware store so I can start immediately.

    My current projected implant date is 2 weeks from today, to give the resin time to cure and do 3-4 dry runs with my spotter prior to the procedure. By the way, you said to cure the resin in saline; is distilled water w/ kosher salt from the pantry acceptable? I'm sterilizing themagnet prior to implant anyway after all.
  • You could... I think most drug stores have plastic bottles of saline for a buck or two. The real reason for soaking is to remove any semblance of BPA. BPA and the like have been found to have estrogen-like effects on the body. Fortunately one study found after a week or so of curing, the amount that comes out of the resin is undetectable if any. The study specifically used artificial saliva specifically, but I believe saline should would.
  • Perhaps I'll live up to my western heritage and fill a jar with spit prior to curing :P
  • 9 grams uniodized salt pr litre of dH20 is totally acceptable. no need to go to the drug store for things you have anyway :)

    after curing you should probably soak in a saline / EtOH mix to more completely remove any linger BPAs. it's the industry standard at this time i think. 
  • Nice. Any reason not to store them in saline/EtOH?. Would 10% be adequate?
  • That actually sounds like a very good idea and yes, 10% is the commonly used amount. At that level, it should not cause a breakdown of the polymer unless it was soaked for a long time.

    Remember that after you have soaked your polymer in the solution, that solution has BPA in it. use gloves and do your best to dipose of the waste in a way that causes as little environmental contamination as possible. that ish is nasty. 
  • Is ethyl rubbing alcohol from the drug store acceptable, or does it have to be the pure ethanol (no acetane etc)
  • Isn't rubbing alcohol isopropanol, not ethanol?

    Could just use vodka in a pinch.
  • It actually depends on the rubbing alcohol. I've seen Isopropyl and Ethyl alcohols used in rubbing alcohol.
  • rubbing alc is always isopropyl, otherwise, people would drink it more often (after dilution). if you can't find any ethanol, take everclear and run it through a britta filter.
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    where are these drugstores that sell ethy alcohol? they don't have anything like that around where i'm at...  oh, wait, i just saw that it has acetane in it. yeah, that would be no good at all. you can't use acetane in your soak.

  • *Sigh* ok....I'll get the pure stuff. I can only hope some of it will actually end up leaching the BPA rather than ulcerizing my stomach xD
  • Everclear! Just water it down a "bit".
  • You could always make your own, like the moonshiners of old.
  • Of old? Moonshine is still a lucrative trade in my area :)
  • Heh. Not so much in my state, as far as I know. But how hard can it be to make your own ethanol? 
  • Very very easy. A mini-still can be made from canning jars, copper tubing and an empty paint can. The funniest part is that in California they actually sell booze at dollar stores, so rather than having to make a mash and fermenting it and then later going blind... one can simply pour in a bottle of cheapo wine and then distill out the good stuff.
  • Wait, they sell booze at dollar stores? How have I missed this?
  • Oh yeah. In SoCal, dollars stores are full of weird brands like "Beer" brand beer.
  • Haha, I'll have to check that out next time I make it down to SoCal. 
  • That'd work too.
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    A bit after the fact, but would that process really solve the blindness problem?  The methanol in bad moonshine wasn't so much a problem of a bad ferment, it was an issue because normal levels of methanol that happen harmlessly as a normal biproduct of fermentation are concentrated to dangerous levels by distillation.  To my knowledge, cheap commercial wines don't do anything to filter out this potential methanol or fix this problem...  You still have to do that yourself by distillation temperature.  Were this not the case you could skip all of that effort with the still and use fractional distillation without breaking the law.
  • Yep. Methanol and ethanol evap at different temps. I don't recall specifics at this time, but I believe it's the first part of the batch at a lower temperature that you toss. I was really being more tongue in cheek than anything else, but that is an interesting question... how much methanol is in commercial booze? Well, either way... ethanol is fortunately the "cure" for methanol poisoning. The body preferentially metabolizes ethanol and I believe excretes the methanol unchanged in the urine. It might simply not absorb it in the GI tract in the presence of ethanol. The point is, people who have dranken methanol by accident are advised to drink ethanol by poison control. Saves your pretty eyes.

  • Or you could just spend a bit of money on a full face respirator and some cartridges. I believe you can get both here:

    Little under $150. And I believe a cartridge for organic vapor would do.
  • Ah ha! Cool, but uh..... you go blind from drinking it, not breathing it. Can you get drunk from alcohol vapor? I know it works by absorption through mucous membranes like the vag or anus.
  • @Cassox It is possible to get drunk off of alcohol vapors, such effects can be seen using it in either a hookah or mixed with dry ice and inhaling. The effects last from 10-20 minutes then subside.
  • Oh... Well the solution to the other problem... Don't drink your moonshine...
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