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In an effort to raise awareness about DIY Transhumanism (or grinding), I've created a facebook page to help spread the word.  I was also considering a Biohack.Me youtube channel, where you can post videos of our experiments JoVE style.  Tell me what you think.  


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    @Lukas That's fantastic, thank you for taking the time. is formatted with a lowercase M, much as .com would never be .Com or any other domain suffix you can think of.
  • Thanks for the correction SovereignBleak
  • @SovereignBleak : I think we'll need a group e-mail if we want to get a collective YouTube channel where we can all upload our experiments
  • @Lukas Send a message to @Jack, he's our site admin.
  • The cynic in me says sharing a single YouTube channel is a bad idea. Too much reliance and necessary trust. Instead, somehow set one volunteer up for control of the YouTube channel, or create a subscription network between proxy accounts- so that spammers/douchebags can be easily cut out if there is an issue and new channels simply need to be posted here and eventually added to the network.
    But we seem to have reason to trust each other- and our member pool isn't terribly large. I could definitely see a shared YouTube channel working until somebody mistakenly grants a dishonest user access.
    A third point- how many people are going to be posting videos to YouTube? I know I'm not going to, but will definitely be sharing downloads of my projects when I get around to setting them up.

    Am I making mountains out of hills?
  • @Ffaway - Actually, you are correct.  Perhaps it would be a better idea to send the videos to me to be uploaded? (With an individual's preferred annotations and commentary)  I admit, my idea was terrible.  
  • I would suggest a blogspot blog or similar to which we all have posting permissions. We could then produce writeups as well as video and have it all on there as well as youtube.
  • @MrWizard - I like that idea, we already have a group e-mail address so I think we can make it work 
  • I myself would say no to any form of unified Facebook page, Youtube channel,  or most forms of group blog, the former two due to my impression of this site as more a community than an entity and the final due to group blogs' propensities to form cliques. If, however, it's seen as a necessity in order to grow the community (or to aggrandise ourselves, depending on which side of the fence you sit on in regards to growth of communities through promotion - I remain neutral on that one), then go ahead.

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    The groupblog is happening and will likely turn into a curated source for grinder media.

    @Kuro If we source a diversity of opinion, I think the groupblog can maintain its integrity without turning into an elitist soapbox.

    I think the best method we have available right now to spread awareness is keep the chatter going: Twitter, Facebook, blogs, other social media platforms.

    That said, if anyone has any further suggestions for expanding our community into the conscious thoughts of everyone everywhere, please post them.

    And the more cool shit we devise, the better.
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