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    Hi again everyone, nice to see that almost everyone has recieved their magnets :) I trust yours will arrive soon @Ian, although obviously I can't tell you exactly when. I've been recieving payments too, in a week or two I'll go through the list and make sure everything's in order (although I have been recieving written notifications from my bank... the postman must love me... ;)

    I would suggest starting a seperate thread or wiki entry or something for the purchasing of surgical supplies, since I'm not sure what to buy or what not to buy, and some advice or a laundry list of supplies would be really useful.

    Thanks again all, it's been good doing business with you :)
  • @MrWizrd:  Just got them this afternoon, and good holy gods are they smaller than I expected.  Hopefully, I should be able to go to the bank later this week, and ask them if I can do international wire transfers.  If not, we'll work something else out.

    Good luck to all, and pleasure doing business with you, @MrWizrd :-)

  • Sorry for the delay, but for those of you having problems with payment via wire transfer, you now have the option of sending payment via PayPal to [email protected] If there is anyone who has yet to pay who cannot or will not do so for any reason, please let me know so we can sort something out :)

    Thanks guys, I've been a bit busy the past few weeks. (new job, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  • @MrWizrd:  I'm going to attempt the wire transfer tomorrow morning after class.  If that doesn't work, I'll try PayPal.
  • Quick update:

    I've recieved payments from 7 people.

    According to Royal Mail, everyone's parcels have arrived except Monochrome's, Ian's and Nooby's (which had one attempted delivery some time before 8am on 25/03/2011).

    I'll send another update around the 23rd.

    Thanks guys :)
  • Wizard, I'd really like to buy 8 magnets. Can you PM the details to put in the order? Or email me -- your choice. aoxfordca (at) gmail (dot) com .. thanks :)
  • @aoxfordca: I'll get in touch in a day or two with order information for you :)
  • i would like to buy 10 magnets. i need them to be bio-proofed if possible you can email me at xtroniks(at)hotmail(*)com.

    and don't worry because i just like to get everything i need ready because imight not attempt this my self even if i am well informed of the procedured and everything needed to do it. it would be easy to just ask my friend to do it for me because he is good at piercings.

    thank you and sorry if i did anything bad
  • @homeboi :  Don't apologize, we all started from somewhere 

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    @aoxfordca and @homeboi: Sorry for the delays, I'll get back to you both asap :)

    Oh and @homeboi: Apologies if I seemed rude, it's just that as a distributor I have to be seen to cover my own back and the communities - we're very much inhabiting a legal grey area here, and the rules vary from country to country. Welcome, and be safe :-)

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  • no problem and thank you.
  • @MrWizrd : I and two friends are interested in getting some magnets so that we'll have them ready for whenever we are able to have them installed.  Do you still have 24 to 30 magnets?
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