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  • Magnets have been dispatched! I will be sending PM's to each of you with payment information and tracking numbers shortly, probably in the morning once the tracking numbers become available online.
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  • Individual messages with final totals, tracking numbers and payment information have been sent. If anybody wants photographic evidence of customs charges and the like, let me know and I'll post more pictures here (hell, I may just do it anyway.)

    Cost per magnet is the cost of purchase + shipping + customs charges, as explained above - which comes to approximately 95 cents per magnet. The rest of the total is your individual postage cost. If anyone wants a photograph of their receipt, let me know and i'll PM you a private link so that your tracking numbers stay confidential.

    Time to go buy surgical supplies!
  • They arrived today. THX a lot!
    Doesn't look like a lot of coating, I am tempted to cut one open xD
    maybe after testing for cracks
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    I too have received magnets today, enormous thanks!
    About the thick coating: it's the magic of Parylene family, even at 0.00254 millimeters thickness it protects things very well.
    Our magnets coating thickness is 0.05mm - very very strong coating.
  • Got mine today as well: thanks @MrWizrd
  • Three things:

    1. Are there any magnets left? I'd like about five.

    2. You guys seen this:

    3. After the magnets are in I'd appreciate hearing what gives the strongest vibrations.
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    Hey guys, glad to see your packages are starting to arrive!

    @RandomCharacter: I have enough to send you some if you like. As I said to the others, PM me a shipping address and how many you'd like and we'll go from there. Are you okay with payment via wire transfer?

    @Unqualified, @Ben, @Monochrome: What do you think about implanting two connected magnets in one fingertip? Likely to improve sensation? Good idea/bad Idea? I'm interested to hear what people's thoughts are.
  • Not really going to use superglue for long-time testing, does anybody know how how well medical tape (namely Leukoplast) works for this?
  • First I thought putting them on a stack might make the field stronger, but after a quick test I'm not too sure about that anymore. Maybe it is more of a directing thing, like a directional antenna.
    I read (for what I remember here in the forum somewhere) that putting them together ns-sn or sn-ns improves the strength, didn't test that yet. I could imagine it working by somehow the repulsing fields "pushing" each other further out of the magnet, but that is mainly an image in my head.

    Don't have the surgical supplies yet, but I guess I'll go for 1 first, first implant so don't really need to make things more difficult ;)
    Plus: the stronger the magnet the more care you  need with approximation to metal/other magnets.
  • lda  double sided tape worked fine for testing. getting close to trafos in powersupplies really triggers it :) some up to 10 cm. implantation still has to wait a while.
  • Stacking them would probably (PROBABLY) make them somewhat stronger, but I'd be worried about one scratching the other under impact; I got a magnet implanted (Iestyn Flye in Divine Canvas; absolute gent) ten days ago, and the number of times I've tapped/walloped/thumped it off something is unreal. I am clumsy, but I don't think I'm that worse than the norm...
    So: maybe, with the caveat of making sure they can't move against each other.
  • from my tests the main sensation comes from the motion caused by alternating fields. a bigger magnet would mean more weight which in return needs a bigger force to accelerate and move the thing. i tried to hold one of my 5cm neodym disks near my powersupplies. given there is a size difference in the orders thousands.. the gain is rather small.

    so while bigger magnets will allow you to fish for pennies in ponds. they seems to do little good for improving sensory. smaller magnets potentially are able to pick up higher frequencies,too. (due to lower moment of inertia)
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    I also think, that ThomasEgi has a good point...
    If anyone has some doubts about whether stacking magnets works or not, here's the answer, paragraph 9 :)
    I must try attaching one to my hand, I plan do do this using medical gause, it's very light and penatrable.
  • Is anyone else still waiting for his or her magnets? I live on the West Coast of the USA and the tracking seems to only cover up until customs.
  • @Oak:  I'm still waiting, and I live in Minnesota, so yeah, someone on the West Coast definitely shouldn't have received them yet
  • @Ian
    Whew! That makes me feel a bit better. I was starting to worry that I wouldn't get to implant magnets in my body.
  • Just received my magnets today (I live in Virginia). Big thanks to MrWizrd! I'm gonna try and wake up early enough to make it to the bank before it closes tomorrow so I can send payment. If not I'll go by Monday.
  • My magnets came today as well. I'm still as giddy as a schoolchild!

    I was surprised to discover how powerful the magnets are. I figured that something so small would be perhaps a quarter as effective as it appears to be. I very much look forward to putting it in my finger; to that end, I will be purchasing supplies (scalpel, PVP-I, stuff for suturing...) 

    Like Dillinger, I will try to get to the bank tomorrow morning. If that does not work out, I will go on Monday.
  • I haven't gotten mine yet, but that's presumably because it has to go through the horrible bureaucracy here at the University.
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