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  • Ya remarkably building a company and keeping up with school take a lot of time. Also after the surgery you can't do much for a few weeks and I hated not being able to go to the parkour gym so I'm waiting till I won't be able to go and have time for it.
  • Really, @drjaaz? Why does getting a magnet implanted on your tragus require so much recovery time? This worries me...
  • well it's the same as the rest a couple weeks but with parkour I tend to land on my head when I wipe out so i'd rather not do that recently post op.
  • You have to understand that getting an implant is not like getting a piercing. You are putting something in your body as opposed to passing it through. Various physiochemical or mechanical stressors (pots and pans jaaz -_-) can cause your body to decide that this is not something that should be there and eject it.

    It may be small, but it is akin to getting any other surgery work. Aftercare is super important. 
  • tehe. ya avoid pots and pans at all costs. mainly ones at high velocity.
  • Even if it's in my tragus, @drjaaz, @glims?
  • Aftercare is important. The pots and pan thing is a poke at me from when I did my fingers. One of them got hit by a falling pan and it screwed up my healing so bad that it had to come out.
  • Oh nooo! :-( So sorry to hear that, @drjaaz!
  • @vivaleis yes, even if it is in your tragus. full implant vs piercing of your body just causes a different reaction.
  • So, I just got the procedure done. I went with the inner-tragus (as opposed to the outside). I did only one ear as I was skeptical to the effect I would receive. I went with a smaller cylindrical parylene magnet, as I was told it has a higher strength than an m31. @DirectorX, the guy that did mine was in the room when yours was done. I got a very faint effect from a pair of headphones I ripped up. I'll build an amplified coil when I get to San Francisco. This thing is as close to the ear canal as you can really get.

  • You went with the cylinder magnet instead of the disk magnet? Nice. I found that they seemed to work better than the disks, so I'm kind of jealous. Let me know how it goes. The volume issue has been a bitch to work around.

    On a different note....
    I ran into Neil Harbison and was asking him about his hardware. He is using bone conduction, much like was proposed in the original post way back when. His are bone-mounted. The dude only needs to change batteries every 3 months which is phenomenal considering he runs his device 24/7. He has a transdermal setup though, but has never experienced problems with infection. I really want to try something like he has, but maybe with 2 antennae so I can get stereo.
  • I'm trying to keep all of my mods discreet. Neil has had his setup forever, so I'm sure it could be iterated on to become smaller (as far as the audio portions). I'm in the active process of moving across the country, so I won't have an adequate amp built for a bit. I love the idea of bone conduction, considering it would be hidden from view. I'm kinda waiting for my recent procedure to heal due to the magnet's size and placement. I don't think it will be noticeable at all after my single suture heals. I do not intend on getting an MRI, but it is a concern that I will be given one without my consent. I have magnets in my fingers, as well, but that could be circumnavigated. I can't really wear a lead helmet while my head is being scanned.
  • nah, it turns out the MRI thing isn't really a big issue. Several people have had one with no consequences. You can hold a metal object in your hand and take it near an MRI without fear of it tearing through your fist. The skin is strong enough to keep it in place. At least it is in the areas where we have them.
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    @directorx did you ever try to use it as a hands free device for talking on the phone?
  • @Meanerpaul yes, all the time. It works fine as long it is quiet.
  • Nice! I was curious when you walk through a place with a strong field do you hear anything from it? I know people say they can feel a sub way under the road so it must be strong enough to make it to you head
  • never felt anything with my tragus implant aside from my over the ear headphones. 

    then again, i've never felt "subways" under the road either so...but im betting that anyone who feels subways way under the road are the same people who feel nuclear plants from miles away...some major woo factor! 
  • yeah, I even tried to force interference and was unable to achieve it.
  • I'm wondering how a piercing of the tragus would work. It would allow use of a larger magnet, or maybe two and would be a little less invasive. My concerns are with transmission of vibration, whether the contact points would be strong enough to transmit sound. And also because I'd like to get the tragus implant ultimately, how the healing of the piercing hole would affect a future implant.
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