Implant patent search, for inspiration and to make sure no toes are stepped on.

Hello, I'm new on this site so I thought I would start by throwing on this link:  As you can see, and as the title of the discussion suggests, i wanted to provide what I believe is a valuable resource.  Not only could taking a look at some of these spark new trains of thought, but knowing if someone has a patent on something may save members of this community from the kind of legal trouble that could discredit us all (and cost a lot of money, time and possibly that member's ability to continue contributing work and knowledge to other grinders).  I hope this thread and link are helpful to all, and if anyone has something related to implant design and/or legal matters relating to implant design, feel free to voice them.  Also, if there is another thread dealing with this subject, please let me know.  I didn't find one, but as I said, I'm new.     


  • Cyberdoc
    there are some interesting patents there, but one thing to point out is that reading patents can make one liable for "willful infringement", so sometimes not reading patents is better.

    another thing, if anyone is worried about legal trouble, there is the onion biohacking wiki, where DMCA takedown notices and John Doe lawsuits are meaningless.

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