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Hi all.  I am about to place a custom order for some 3mm diameter x 1mm thick neodymium magnets.  They will have a strength of N50 and will be Parylene C coated.  The first quote I received was for magnets coated with nickel and Parylene, but the cost without the nickel will be the same.  The only thing is that my supplier has a minimum order quantity of 500 magnets, so once I get them I will have a surplus that I would like to make available to the community.

Rather than do the whole group buy thing, I will be paying the entire up-front cost and then reselling these magnets through Genius Path, Inc., a software development company I formed earlier this year.  I am considering a price of $2 per magnet plus shipping.  I should be receiving the magnets in early July.

Would any of you be interested in purchasing any of these magnets once I receive them?  Please post on this thread.  Thanks.



  • I would very much be interested in purchasing 10 units of these magnets! Shipping to the UK won't be a problem for you will it?
  • yes id be interested. also uk though.
  • I am getting a quote for magnets with a 15µm Parylene C coating.  Is there someone with more knowledge than me who can verify that this is sufficiently thick to protect the magnets with no additional coating?

    In regards to shipping to the UK, I have no problem with that.  I doubt that customs regulations prohibit or limit shipping of magnets this small.



    I asked about a quote awhile back and they decided to stock them. N52 grade and parylene coated. Make sure you test the coating on them though.
  • Thank you @geckogut for the information.  This is the same supplier I am using for my custom quote.  Frankly, I'm surprised that they never mentioned that they already have these in stock.  If the Parylene coating is thick enough, it will save me a lot of time and I won't need to deal with the minimum quantity requirement on a custom order.

    I will post an update here once I decide whether to go through with the custom order or not.  If I do go ahead with it, I will definitely be adjusting the per-magnet price to make this more economical.

  • I'd take 10. Pacific Northwest.
  • I live in Europe, can I be part of the order?

  • I decided not to go ahead with this. Sorry. Please refer to geckogut's post in this thread for an even less expensive magnet choice. I have inserted one of these in the middle finger of my left hand and it is working out very well. (You can see it in my profile picture.)
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