Magnet Implant

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I was wondering if anyone knew if it was safe to "glue" together the skin where you implant the magnet instead of stitching it? I would probably use Krazy Glue and just wanted to know if I should or shouldn't? any info on the topic would be apreciated alot,


  • You will be bleeding quite a lot. It's not a good idea, probably won't work (which you would get to test while you're bleeding out). If you aren't comfortable stitching yourself up you should get it done professionally.
  • A. Get it done professionally, I didn't even need stitches/glue/bandaid.

    B.  If you insist on glue instead of professional or stitching; instead of crazy glue look near the bandaids and find skin glue.  Yes super glue was designed to hold flesh together, but this isn't you standard wound.  You will need to cut off the blood flow to the finger, clean the cut, apply the glue, and then continue to cut off the blood flow until the glue dries.  You should get a good solid dry this way.

    Whatever you do make sure you sterilize really well, especially before closing up...

    Side note: which of those magnets in your picture are you implanting?
  • I'll be implanting the magnet all the way to the right, "VP 782N
  • Also, thanks alot for the good info, I'll probably just stitch it up instead of the glue idea
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