Implant rejection/replacement

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I got my implants at Divine Canvas in London in December 2011. Procedure went smoothly, healed fine, no problems until recently. I think the magnet has moved out of its "pocket", and it's possibly just underneath the skin. My sensation of fields is reduced severely, for example I can't feel my laptop hard drive. It doesn't hurt and it's not particularly obtrusive, but I figure I have a higher chance of rejection now, because it is more susceptible to being knocked around.

So basically what I wanted to ask is:

  • How easy is it to remove/replace an implant? I'm guessing I won't be able to use the same finger for implantation immediately, same goes for using the same magnet, but if anyone has any experience to show otherwise I'm willing to consider popping this one out and putting a new one in.
  • If it's impossible to replace the magnet, how would I go about getting it removed? Are most places that do the implant willing to remove them?
  • If it rejects, what's the general procedure? Obviously if it's serious I'd head to a hospital, but slight pain/discolouration or otherwise? How understanding are doctors about this sort of thing?
I'm in Australia, so if anyone could put me in contact with a reliable place that would be good. When I was here in 2011, no one in Australia did it and I had to go all the way to London to get my implant.



  • If you need to remove it, I'd recommend covering your finger in a plastic bag or latex glove and numbing it in ice (keep the skin dry). Remove the glove and make a tiny cut. Squeeze out the magnet. If you want you can go to the hospital afterwards and ask for stitches. You can just tell the doctors that you cut it when you were chopping an onion or something and they should believe it as long as you didn't make a sawing motion with the incision.
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