Procedural failure for implant

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So I previously implanted a 2mm X 5mm neo/pary disc in my non-dominant digitus IV successfully. My incision was on the lateral left of the pad, and I placed it subcutaneously. It healed well approximated with no scarring. I have been somewhat disappointed with the minimal  sensation yielded. I can definitely sense other magnets, but only when within a good 6 inches or so. I have as of yet not been able to sense any machinery beyond the Extremely magnetic ( I've been near an MRI and obviously felt it.)

I attempted an intradermal implantation a week ago. I used another 2mm X 5mm neo/pary and placed it in my dominant distal digitus IV. I had some difficulty using the non-dominant hand, and after placing it decided that it was too peripheral and would inevitably reject. I then proceeded to cut deeper and place it subcutaneously. I've had no infection or rejection; however, it wasn't healing well and even with a stitch the incision site never fully closed and it was healing by secondary intention. I removed the stitch and the magnet yesterday and now the site has closed.

So, my question is... how many of you have gone in through the distal (tip) of the finger. I had to do significantly more damage to the underlying connective tissue to make a pocket. I am willing to do so again in the name of increased sensitivity, but wanted a bit of input. The lateral insertion was just so flawless and simple that I'm thinking it may be superior. Perhaps I simply need to position the magnet better. Does anyone here have a "finger tip" and lateral placement that can compare the sensitivity of the two?


  • Dude, call around to your local tatoo shop and figure out which one does subdermals.  Someone in your area probably does.  If it's Indy I can help you out.

    I had feeling after a few days and fully healed after a week and half.  They will disinfect everything, and they are professional.  Doing it to yourself is not wise.  I've been following your posts, and you've been one of the more rational voices on here..except that you have tried to do this twice and are seemingly ready to try again...

    I have mine in the side of the finger btw.  If you push your fingers down flat, the part that sticks out is where mine are.  Nondominant (left) middle and pinky finger.
  • Oh. Totally listening man; however I work in the medical field, and am using surgical equipment in a sterile environment. I'm not terribly concerned about my technique... the first one healed beautifully and the only reason I had to take out the latest one was because I tried to go ultra shallow to try to increase sensation. I have the skill and experience enough to do subdermals. 

    I just don't think that I'm getting the level of sensation people describe. I am considering getting a haworth so that I can watch his technique. I'd also like to try a rod shape.
  • When did you implant your first magnet?  Keep in mind that it takes quite a long time for the effect to become more noticeable.  Many people don't notice much at first, presumably because the tissue around it hasn't fully recovered yet.
  • This was back in I think October or November. The sensation has increased over time... but when I hear stories about feeling the subways beneath me, or subtle machines like laptops etc.... I wonder about placement.
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