superpowers in the animal kingdom



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    @Ian You're right, apologies. Metal mohawk vid is flirting. More technical, less shock and awe.
  • @Sovereign:  Ah, yes.  My subsequent post concerning the sensory "superpowers" was a response to that.  It was an attempt to show how at least some of the things mentioned are in fact doable DIY.
  • My bad- definitely the wrong topic for that post. Interesting nonetheless.
  • About the stem cell discussion: there is such a thing as adult stem cells. Without them we wouldn't survive past the age of 20 or less. Normal cells only survive 20 divisions (more or less). Only they also specialise a bit. So an adult stem cell from the liver has a hard time becoming skin.
    And yes, we do have immortal cells as well. They are known to the public under the name of cancer. The trick is not to make cells immortal, the trick is to keep them healthy at the same time. Making them immortal (and regrow stuff) is rather simple. One keyword there is myc. Biologists have a long history of hope and failure.

    Totally unrelated: seaturtles apparently can not only tell where north is but also where they are!
    They can use the magnetic field as some sort of gps.
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