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I've always been deeply interested in technology and its impact on the human experience. I work with technology, my hobbies all include technology and I am an adamant futurist. Lately I have been trying to explore creative outlets that incorporate that love for technology. In college I was an editor and designer for our literary magazine and found that I have a passion and talent for literary endeavors. In an effort to combine the two I've created >TERMINAL, a literary magazine for work with an emphasis on the changing relationship between humans and technology.

I know others in this community might also be writers, poets and other forms of creative artists and would love for you guys to submit some of your work to the magazine. As it stands now I plan on producing a ePub magazine that is print capable as well as a less traditional web version that (should) work on tablets, PCs and pretty much anything with a screen with some nice multimedia accents.

You can check out our submission guidelines here and our whole website here.

This is my first time putting together a magazine/website completely on my own so I'd love to hear any feedback from the community for suggestions/improvements.




  • That sounds like a great idea, I checked out the site, I like it. Something like this could really help with publicity.
  • Thanks. I appreciate the comments. My plan for right now is to try and generate as many submissions as possible. In the short term that means get exposure. After I get a good number I'll start the process of producing the magazine.

    I enjoy the layout and design process the most so I'm excited.
  • Hi, I like this idea and would love to help out in pushing this out in various forms. I am not much of a writer, but I know a thing or two about publishing. To start simple we could reuse content in various forms, so it wouldn't just be a blog you are writing/directing people to. Please contact me if you feel like taking this a step forward and have enough people to write a few issues to see whether this catches on.
  • I'm afraid I can't help you out, but I'd be very interested to see this take off. I hope you manage to get enough submissions! I'll definitely keep updated on this.
  • Thanks again for the comments!

    Sam: Right now I'm working on a series of blog posts to keep the site fresh and interesting (and to give me something to link people to!) but the core of the work is going to involve waiting for submissions. 

    Once people start submitting I'll be putting together a ePub file and a HTML5 compliant magazine to distribute the work.

    Hubbel: Thanks for the kind words, I really feel there is an audience for this kind of magazine so I'm glad people are interested.

    If anyone wants to contribute but doesn't consider themselves much of a writer any word of mouth helps. Just a tweet, or email link is another pair of eyes on the project!
  • hi, this sounds really cool.
    i'll have a think about contributing!

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