Looking for people to interview for Transhumanity.net

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Like the title says. Hank Pellisier recently convinced me to become a writer for Transhumanit.net. I'm almost finished with my first article about Bitcoins. My next article is going to be about how the DIYTranshumanist community feels about the Mainstream Transhumanist community. Personally, I feel they are both very important for the optimal Posthuman future to arrive, moving from Human v1.0 to Human v2.0 will be very exciting! Mainstream makes the tech for the rich, DIY reverse engineers the tech for the poor, win-win in the end. But I have heard many differing views, a lot negative, from both sides about the other. So I would like to get a small list of people to interview, Grindhouse Wetware can give their official stance on the issue if they want, that would be greatly appreciated, but anyone with an opinion on the issue is welcome. Optimally I would like to hear from as many people as possible. We can do public interviews on the forum or private via email or IM. I know not everyone here is a Transhumanist, but I'm sure it's safe to assume a large portion is, or at least aligned with its goals.


  • *Transhumanity.net
  • I'd be willing to go for that.
  • @Ian

    Ok, I'm right now working on putting together a list of questions. Public via forums? Private via email or facebook?
  • It doesn't probably matter.  Facebook's fine with me.
  • Ok, I will finish up the questions after I get home. A coupke friends invited me to watch my first roller derby game. I should have them done tomorrow.
  • I'm happy to be interviewed as well - I sent a PM.
  • Great! I am going to keep the window open for another week or so, I would like to get as many differemt views as I can on this.
  • @BrandonKing: Not sure if you've already done the article, but if you're still looking for folks willing to be interviewed, I'm a tattoo artist based in CzechRepublic willing to help. mail me if you want

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