Magnets are finally in!

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Well, after waiting and researching and more waiting, I finally bought magnets and got them installed!  One in my middle finger and one in my pinky.  Both are the VP 782N-3 from that group buy (more info). 


This picture is about 7 hours after they were inserted.  The procedure was pretty simple.  The night before I put them in salt water and watched for any bubbles to form, checking for defects, none appeared.  The artist sterilized them (not in an autoclave, that will ruin these magnets), then used a normal piercing tool to open the hole.  Then he used another bar like tool to create the pocket, then inserted the magnet and pushed it up.  Pressure was applied until bleeding slowed and liquid bandaid was used to seal it.  The magnets are actually much closer to the tip of the finger, though to be honest the both tips are numb and swollen so I can't exactly tell where they are...

I will say, the procedure hurt.  It was very...intense.  It wasn't the worst pain I've ever felt, but it was high up there.  On top of that, it's freaky having someone digging around under your skin.  After the liquid bandaid was applied, my fingertips were numb..  I've had occasional sharp stabs of pain, mostly in my pinky.  I think the pinky is worse because it's smaller. 

The magnets are located off to the side of each finger instead of the pads.  I do programming for a living, and was kind of afraid having them in the tips would make typing weird if not painful.  Right now, I am able to type normally with no pain.

I'll try to update this page as I progress.  Hopefully neither will reject, and I'll start getting feeling soon!

BTW for those considering the VP 782N-3 magnet, below are some reference images.
Stack of ten next to a 1/8" headphone jack.

Comparison to a dime

Comparison to other things for those of you who don't have dimes..


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