Who is willing to participate in a photo exhibition?

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dear people,

together with a friend, I´m planning to make a photo exhibition about the relationship between human and technology. Grinders should play the central role to the exhibition and so we plan to shoot portraits of you and the parts of your body which are augmented in what way ever.

The pictures will be shown in a berlin gallery and is an art project without any commercial purposes. The shooting will also take place in berlin, so if you´re living here or plan to come here and want to participate, please get in contact with me!




  • sounds like fun. altho i won't join it. you may want to have an x-ray camera nearby for getting actual pictures of magnets and rfid chips.
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    May I ask, when is the shooting & the exhibition taking place?
    I don't see how I might participate since I don't have any augmented part so far, but since I live in Bratislava I'd love to come by, if possible.

    Just throwing in some ideas of mine;
    It would be quite cool to see pictures of people with pacemakers, defibrillators, prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs since all these eventually come to the relation of man and machine right? I think it would make people present think of augmentation in a totally different way after that.
  • I would be happy to help if I can - but I'm in the states. Is there anything I can do from here?
  • sorry guys for responding that late!!
    @ThomasEgi: One aspect of the exhibition treats especially with the invisibility of the implants. Showing grinders just in between other people, not knowing who´s augmented and who´s not... conceptually there are three parts - the first is called "society":
    Pictures of hanging from the ceiling of
    the first room. These pictures show normal everyday situations, like
    people hanging around in a bar, using the metro, working with
    colleages. The portrayed grinder is just in between all the others
    and it is not obvious to the observer who is augmented and who not.

    , 2nd "Physiology-Technology":
    After going through the entrance hall,
    the visitor comes to the second room which shows portraits of
    grinders, especially the augmented limbs or senses (areas) where
    there are implanted sensors

     and the 3rd part "Psychology":
    the visitor will see the actual
    portraits of the grinders – meaning only the faces

    @ThaNoSanqq: There is no shooting schedule or something like that. The start of the exhibition depends when we are able to find grinders willing to participate.. so no date so far..

    I´m still searching, so if you guys hear or know grinder living in or coming to berlin please let me know! Thanks a lot!

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