Greetings from a newcomer, and a couple of concerns :)

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First of all I'd like to introduce myself to this awesome emerging community. I'm Athan, a 20 year old cyborg enthusiast since birth(!), and my dream has always been to augment the human body in the most crazy ways imaginable.. Be it underwater breathing, "wireless" mind-to-mind communication, shape shifting, you ask it, I deliver it ;D
While I've always been considered a psycho by the people around me, everyday that passes by reassures me that we are getting closer and closer to a present where man and machine will be virtually indistinguishable. Now since I've always wanted to be a part of it, I decided to  start my journey in med school (3rd year so far!), where I'm planning to finish as a neurosurgeon which will hopefully bring me one step closer to achieving such ideas, and maybe continue on some bionic studies. I'd really love to hear your thoughts on my "plan", so please feel free to comment in any way. Additionally, I could not think of any better way to "tweak" myself into an emerging cyborg than having a magnet implant, or two, or three. Since I'm in med school, I believe it would be a shame if I had someone else give me the implant, so here's my thought; I figured that my earplugs have some really potent disk* magnets inside, which are just the right size to fit into a finger just perfectly. What if I coat them with silicone, use a local anesthetic (thoughts on this?), make an incision using my lancet, stick it in and stitch the wound? That's about it, right? The reason I'm choosing the lancet method and not the injection one is, well, I'm not that much into needles, plus I am considering the disk* magnet. It would be great if I could have some feedback on the whole thing :)
Feels goooood to be part of the community, please count me in in any future project!


  • Welcome to the forum. 

    I'm new myself and inexperienced but I think the only real benefit for cylinders over disks is that you can inject them so if you're not injecting I'd suggest a disk, still if you're serious about your goals you'll need to overcome your dislike of needles some time.

    Look over the forum, lots of people have put up their methods on here, might take a week or so before you get any sensation from what I can gather.
    How do you envisage shape-shifting? 
  • Hey DrEvil!

    Please excuse me for this, I have discs rather than cylinders*, english isn't my native language and I loose it sometimes.

    Now well, considering that we already put psychedelics aside^^, my answer would be more than naive unless I come to the clearest of understandings over the subatomic world along with its manipulation. Even if my knowledge and experience was along that spectrum, my greatest question over the matter would be, how do you keep all that information currently present in your brain (thus You) from dispersing during the process?

    And how about you, what would your thoughts be on the matter?
  • The best I can come up with would be something similar to ferro fluid but instead of magnetic partials it would be nano-bots which can self assemble in to any form. They could all the information between them. This of course is pure sci-fi and probably still will be in 100 years. 

    In the more immediate future (10 - 20 years) maybe something along the lines of prosthetic limbs based on the soft-bodied robot squid.

  • The nano-bot concept actually seems like a cool idea, would even save your ass in life threatening situations.. Looking forward to that!

    I don't seem to get what you mean by prosthetic limbs based on the squid though, could you explain a bit more on that? I mean, do you envision them as something permanent, wear & take off, or will it be used in the cases of severe accidents..?

    Cheers :)
  • Welcome! I've found that most people I know also disapprove of grinding and the idea of becoming a cyborg via DIY methods, and so I was quite relieved to find this forum. I think you'll like it here too.

    Do you have a lot of experience with human anatomy? It seems that people with experience/knowledge of where and how to cut people open |safely| are not as common in the grinder community as you might hope. Your input on medical concerns will be very welcome.

    As for your plan to implant your headphone/earbud magnet, my experience is that using a lancet is a fantastic way to go (and using a local anesthetic would make things easy as pie, though I'm not sure about its legality/I don't need to know). There is a video on of Sovereign Bleak implanting a disk magnet in his finger (the link is somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it), and you might want to check that out before going ahead with the procedure. He has some good tips about it. And in general I'd advise you to read through as many of the posts here with the "Magnets" tag as you can ( as well as the Wiki page ( Lots of good info there.
    I'm afraid I don't have any advice regarding the silicon coating. The magnet I had implanted had a parylene C coating already on it. Maybe the silicon would make it more difficult to remove than parylene or teflon? Not my area of expertise.

    At any rate, glad to have you on board and good luck with your project!

    Mr. Sticky
  • Shapshifting probably deserves it's own thread but I was talking about a replacement for normal limbs, though of course you could have extra ones. The robot works in a very similar way to real squid limbs. It has radial "muscles" and ones running down the length enabling them to change length, direction and volume, this could give you the ability to stretch your limbs to maybe twice their normal length as well as controlling buoyancy. Finer control could be given with a more intricate muscle layout.
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    Well Mr.Sticky considering that I had my anatomy exam last year I would be more than welcome to give my input on any matter possible, as long as my knowledge is sufficient over the matter, of course :). Thanks for your feedback!

    I'd love to further look into that concept Dr.E, hopefully as soon as I'm finished with my exam period next week.. Imagine that, right!

  • I would advise against the silicon coating.  Most early experiments used a silicon coating and nearly 100% of them had to be removed less than a year later when the silicon coating broke open and the magnets corroded, losing their magnetism in the process.
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