No sensation from my magnet?

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I implanted a 7x2mm teflon coated stir bar in my right ring finger on 12/16. I inserted in with an RFID tag injector on the medial side of the finger, just distal to the joint, definitely sub-cuticular but I'm not sure exactly how deep. So far I haven't had any sensation from the magnet at all, I've tried wall-warts, microwaves, everything I can think of. Even stuff that I could feel strongly with the "glue a magnet to your fingernail" method I can't feel at all. Should I be worried? I can't find many accounts of people using the rfid tag sized magnets, are they maybe not large enough? Or maybe the orientation of the magnet is affecting it?


  • From the many posts on here it can take upwards of a month before any feeling occurs but with a magnet of that size it might be too small, so whatever happens be sure to keep us updated 
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    It can sure take a fair bit of time before feeling returns properly. I had a disk magnet implanted in my left ring finger and it was a full 5 days before I could feel a microwave, or anything. They say disk magnets are stronger than bar magnets, so it might take longer for you to become sensitive enough to its vibrations, but on the other hand (no pun intended) my finger was sliced open with a scalpel so maybe my nerves would take longer than yours to heal. I'll be interested to know when you do start feeling things. As you said, there aren't a lot of people reporting on RFID tag size magnets so your account should be valuable.

    And I do have a lot of hope that it will work for you, in time. Please be patient though, and give your body the time it needs to heal and start getting acclimated to the stir rod.

    Also, would you mind popping over to this thread and describing your experiences with the glue-on magnets? There's been some interest in them but no one has any first hand experiences to offer.

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  • Well, it's been two weeks since I put it in. I assume microwaves would be the strongest field I would expect to encounter around the house? At any rate, haven't noticed anything yet. As far as I can tell the area around it is completely healed. I would in retail and I happened to get one of those magnet based security tag opened stuck to my implant, no pain at all. I noticed that I could feel the force of the permanent magnet acting on my implant from about half an inch away, I'm not sure if I should take that as a good sign or not. Nothing to do but wait and see I suppose. I got someone to send me some larger disk magnets from the last group buy, they should be here in two weeks or so. If I don't have any sensation from this implant by then I'll go ahead and implant the larger magnet. 
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