Magnetic implant via injection method



  • i had 2 samppa magnets implanted today. both rod ones. parylene coating. will update how i get on
  • Researching RFID injectors I can find 3.5mm needles but the injectors are stupidly expensive. They are supper simple devices, I bet I could find everything but the needles at dollar tree. I just wanted to check and see if anyone here has any suppliers also what should I fill the syringe with? (Saline,air etc etc)
  • I have seen people print them and you can buy a 8g needle on amazon
  • I've got a 3D printer in my room, I'd be more than happy to put it at the disposal of the forum if you are interested, and can find the file.
  • The syringe shouldn't have anything in it, the injector is literally just a stick that pushes the implant down the needle. It's not pressure based. That would end horribly.
  • Okay thanks @electricfeel, I couldn't find anything good online about that!
  • This is something that I naturally assumed, but never was sure about. It seemed really kinda off putting to be using like... Saline solution to push the magnet into you via pressure, that seems really painful, and I feel like a lot would go into your body around the magnet unless it was like a really snug fit. >~<
  • i can model it up if you want @JohnDow @ChrisBot I do a lot of 3D modeling and have a few printers at my place as well. These would be a one time use thing and a hell of a lot cheaper than anything you can find online.
  • Weird. If you order bulk from a wholesale company you can get injectors for like a buck. Should i order these resell them?
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