Project 10 - UK Testing on Perceptual Experience With Magnetic Implants

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Hello Grinders, 

If you've not seen me on here before I am Ian Harrison, I'm studying my PhD at the University of Reading, UK, under Professor Kevin Warwick, and I'm attempting to run a study with people who possess magnetic implants.

The tests will cover basic perceptual testing e.g. frequency response ranges etc... furthering on too simulated application tests, e.g. distance to object testing (similar to the bottle nose device).

If you would like to be part of this please either reply to this thread or PM me. 

All the best



  • If only I were in the UK I'd love to.
    best of luck with the study.
  • If I can be of any help from the United States, I'd be more than happy to participate.
  • Likewise - both my roommate and I have magnet implants, but we're in New York. If there's anything we can do from over here (we just moved from London, actually) we'd be happy to!

    It's awesome that you're working under Kevin Warwick - I'm sure we're all curious to know how the study turns out, good luck with it.
  • Another offer from across the pond. I have just one magnetic implant (so far!) and have been keenly interested in Professor Warwick's work for several years. I would love to participate in any way possible; please let me know if I can be of help. Best of luck with the study!
  • Let the east coasters know if there is any way we can participate in the study.  
  • Wow thanks for all the interest guys :) I may have to see whether I can come to the states to run some experimental sessions... :) 
  • I'm in the UK and looking to get an implant soon. I'd love to help with the study if it's not too late.
  • I'd also like to participate if possible.  I live in Charlotte, NC.  I just received my first implant yesterday.  It is much smaller than those I've heard about, but it might provide some useful data regarding the viability of such an implant.  I'll probably be getting a larger one if I can find the right magnet and someone who can assist with the procedure.
  • You Guys Rock! seriously! thanks for the multiple posts, I would love to say people in the US could participate, however I cant currently do testing other than in the departments here in the University, 

    Though if I don't get enough numbers for the data I will push to come to the states and do some roaming with my testing equipment! :)

    I have pm'd you DrEvilOne!

    If any of you haven't yet and have a chance to fill out this short survey:

    That would be most helpful!

    Thank you once again! If you would like to contact me directly my email address is [email protected], unfortunately with my work load often forget to check out the multiple forums I'm on... Sorry about that...

  • Linksblackmask
    I'm really interested in your study, could you let us know when the results are eventually published? 
  • @LinksBlackMask has just submitted his PhD thesis based on this study. He's promised to link to it here, as well as any papers using his results.
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