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  • if you can find a supplier for the little glass containers used for RFID implants, I'd like to try putting a magnet inside one of them.  The "normal" procedure for sealing the open end of these containers involves use of a Nd:YAG laser, which I don't happen to have lying around in my garage somewhere.  Can anyone give me advice whether it is possible to properly seal the end with a propane torch without compromizing the integrity of the magnet inside?  Any help would be appreciated.

    Assuming I could get the supplies and successfully seal a magnet inside a bioglass container, would anyone be interested in having one?

  • A torch could probably be used just fine, but you'd have to have some seriously steady hands and small tools to mold things together and get the melted glass formed properly to adequately seal the tube. The torch will also introduce impurities to the melted glass, but probably not enough to matter in your personal application.

    Talk to Schott about getting some samples of their 8625 transponder glass... I'm sure they'd send you at least a tiny amount of it, which is all you'd likely need.
  • Amal,

    How are you doing ;). Its nice to see you busy posting away over here. It's been a while since I've been on here. I know we have chatted recently and I really think you need to sell some complete RFID solutions for starting cars, door locks, etc.  You need to develop some good software packages and stuff for us to get daily usage of our implanted devices.

    - Jeff
  • Hi @implanted,

    That's all in the larger scheme of things. For now I'm working on the tags themselves, and have a totally new type of implantable tag in R&D. I'll move on to readers and software applications soon :)
  • @Ghost02236, earlier in this thread you asked about lidocaine and I responded with a possible solution for you. We now have a complete pain management kit you might want to check out; https://dangerousthings.com/shop/pain-management-kit/ 
  • Hi Amal, 

    is there a chance that you get magnets in stock?
  • Hi @rezin

    Sorry for the late response... notifications don't work so well from this site and I forget to check in regularly. I've explored stocking magnets at dangerousthings.com and I think it's a possibility, but I still want to do some serious research on coatings and polarization before I want to stock anything... and that can be time consuming research.

    My thought is that I'd like to order or have manufactured magnets with a gold coating followed by Parylene-N, which is more resilient than Parylene-C. This would allow for the thinnest possible coating while maintaining safe biocompatibility. There have been people buying magnets with PTFE coatings and I'm not sure yet what the thickness is, but I'm fairly certain it's rather thick, meaning the magnet will be unnecessarily large. When dealing with a small area like the fingertip, that's not ideal.

    I've also been considering alternate locations that remain just as effective, but lye outside the primary pressure surfaces of the hand (like the fingertip). The most interesting location is the "knife-edge" of the hand, which is rich in sensitive surface nerve endings and is not a gripping surface.

    Anyway, if there is any interest in having me stock magnets at Dangerous Things, let me know.
  • amal
    I'm interested in getting a DESFire 8k (or other with similar storage space),
    any possibility of this in the future?
  • At the moment, a DESFire chipset does not come in a compatible form factor for implantation. I will look into it more deeply though, as you are not the first to request it.
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