Magnet strength around appliances vs. electrical cords?

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I got some implants from Brian a couple months ago and I had a few thoughts and questions about the magnets. Why does the power seem to "Spike" around an appliance, while the cord is almost un-noticeable? 

I was running a coffee grinder the other day and near the back it was almost as strong as a microwave side, but I couldn't even feel the power coming to it at all!

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  • That's because the magnets react to magnetic fields, not to electrical fields.  Wires do not emit a very strong magnetic field.  Coils do, and appliances are typically filled with them - particularly in the transformer.
  • Cool, that explains it. 

    I just found out you can turn on/off an ipad by touching it on the right side about 2/3 up. Any other neat tricks I'm missing out on?
  • Mac computers tend to have huge magnets in them.  You can 'fool' the computer into thinking it was closed, and trigger sleep mode.
  • I suppose that would work with any laptop that has a hall effect sensor to detect whether the lid is closed.
  • @meanderingman Where exactly do you run your magnet over the iPad? And does this work for all generations? Briefly tried this after getting my magnet yesterday but am still all bandaged up.
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