Forums shutting down July 15

Following up on our update from December, we will be moving forward with shutting down Vanilla and serving these forums as a read-only archive on July 15.

The archive is already live and we'd appreciate any feedback you have on what we've come up with, either in this forum thread or as issues or pull requests on the archive's github repository. The archive reads data directly from the Vanilla database, however pages are cached for 12 hours so updates to the live forums likely won't appear in the archive immediately.

Other than that, if you'd like to update your info that currently shows up in the forums, and that will continue to show in the archive, now is the best time to do it.

Some things you might want to do now:

  1. Update your info, set your email to public or private, or set your entire profile to private in your profile settings
  2. Remove your current profile picture and set up a gravatar using the same email you have set in your forum profile - this way your avatar in the archive will be updatable in the future, otherwise whatever profile picture you have now will remain going forward.
  3. Request your user data be blanked out or deleted if you don't want to be in the archive at all. Contact me if this applies to you - you have two options:
    1. Delete your account but keep any posts you've made (they will show up as being authored by [Deleted User]).
    2. Delete your account and erase all your posts (they will be overwritten with The user and all related content has been deleted.)

We will delete user accounts for anyone who has never posted a discussion or a comment, to prevent them from appearing in the user search in the archive, and are looking into emailing everyone else to give them a head's up in case they need to make updates to their data or request account deletion.

After shutting down Vanilla we will have to make any changes to the Vanilla data manually in SQL, which is probably less reliable and definitely less easy than just getting things taken care of now.

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