I want a light.

Functionality is what attracted me to biohacking and recently I got to thinking how handy a functional light could be. I don't mean something like the Northstar but rather a more simplified, stripped down variation utilizing a single high efficiency, brighter LED diode.

Magnetic field activation would be fine, unless there's a smaller, lighter idea that would work and wouldn't require anything besides my body or whatever is implanted inside of me. Really simple: battery, activator, LED.

Something that could allow me to easily navigate in a dark room or maybe spelunking. Anything along those lines.

Is there anything like this out there or is the selection entirely cosmetic? What would it take to custom order something like this and who might I approach? The electronics aspect is simple enough, but I have no way of encapsulating such a device for implantation.


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    Hey. I've done a lot of work in this area developing an implantable receiver for Qi wireless charging. For a friend I adapted it to be a very powerful light, and she put glow powder resin on it. Attached are some pics of it pre-encapsulation, post encapsulation, then implanted and being powered by a phone.

    I don't think an implantable flashlight is a viable option. Even at 2 Watts this light doesn't illuminate the room, and you need an external coil to drive it anyway. Even if you adapted this system to use a rechargeable battery, the attenuation of visible light by your skin is very substantive. She's already getting burned by this setup when it's used for more than 15 seconds. It seems to be partly from the radiant output itself, because the thermal mass of the implant and the active cooling of your blood pumping manages the heat generated within the implant very well.
  • Apologies for the slow reply, thank you for that. A pity about the side effects, and I can see what you mean. Reminds me of just holding a super bright flashlight to my hand and seeing it glow. I suppose trying to navigate via that would be more of a chore than its worth having to cycle on and off to avoid damaging myself and only being able to see very close by.

    I can't think of a way around that, either. Guess this idea is shelved, then!

  • I know this is pretty late to the party and not entirely what you want, but some Smartwatches have exactly this feature, where they turn up there screen to full bright white, which gives out a pretty bright light. I use a lot when going for a walk through the forest and I totally understand the idea, as it would be absolutely badass to have something like that, without the watch part, especially if the watch was low on battery or you had to leave it somewhere for some reason.
    Sadly this forum seems to have declined in activity a lot, otherwise a lot more people would think about this.

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