European Kit Alternatives?


I am wanting to get into biohacking and was considering starting with the fluorescent Bacteria kit from the-Odin, but I live in Belgium so the shipping fees are more than the actual kit. Are there any European based alternatives that I could learn with instead?

Thank you very much in advanced.


  • Follow up. If there aren't any alternatives. Do you think I could get all of the necessary components by themselves for less than 100 or should I just pay the shipping costs?

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    It will be hard to find something for EU, due to very high regulations. Did you check it is legal for you to import it?

    Odin is a small company, you can try contacting them and tell them your problem. They could ship with a cheaper version, very likely without insurance.

    Can you post the kit you are looking for? I can post it in a EU centric page.

  • The specific kit.

    I did a quick glance and I think as long as the organics have the USDA organic seal then its fine, but I'm not sure about the e coli, even though it's non-pathogenic.

    I'll try contacting Odin.


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