NFC and RFID implants? How do they work?

Hello folks. Ive been kinda looking at biohacking as of late. Seems pretty interesting and im kinda curious. Im specially curious about nfc and rfid stuff. just how to get the signal from, say your credit card across to it. Anyone mind giving me a 101 on this. thanks?


  • The rfid implant is a simple rfid tag that can exchange data with a reader through radio frequency, and That is all the tech. As for uses you can use it in same places as a credit card , depends on the bank. Or as a proximity sensor, you get close to the lock of your home it will let you in, and maybe welcome you by name. Or you can also use it to send link to a website to any receiver around you.
    Is this good 101 ?
    There are other uses you can program same of them. If you want the best place for rfid talk is the Discord of Dangerous things.

  • Here's the Discord server they're talking about. It's not officially related to Dangerous Things, but there's a lot of smart people there.

    If you're talking about cloning you're credit card onto an implant, that can't be done. What you can do is convert an existing credit card into an implant. Unfortunately it will expire just like a normal card. In the future we'll be able to tokenize implants like a payment wearable, so that they just point at your card and do not expire. Right now that is not allowed though
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