What would happen if two individuals with a gene drive mated?

Phase: Ideas/Research

We’re assuming the gene drive is for different versions of the same trait and the drive mechanism is the same. (I’m not yet asking if we could make a gene drive to trump a gene drive)

The idea popped into to my head a few years and I couldn’t find anything on it then. After a brief search I couldn’t find anything today.

First: Has anyone seen any info on this or am I missing something essential about it?

This would have a potential practical application if you had an issue with an existing population with a gene drive among other things.

Second: If there’s no research or theoretical answer then we’d have to find out experimentally.

We’d need a sexually reproducing species preferably with three versions of the same traits. Fruit flies, I know a little so I’ll have it for this discussion; though other species might be easier / less expensive. A co-dominant trait might be best to see if A, B or AB is being expressed.

Run a few generation to make sure each group A & B is in fact purebred each expressing their respective trait.

Insert gene drive in each population A & B. Easier said than done but doable.

Run a few generations of A & B with new populations C to see if the gene drive trait is the only genotype.

Now, mate A & B.


Possible outcomes:

A. A, B, AB expression in ratios of ?
B. Non viable off spring
C. Paradox forms black hole, consumes universe

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