How far are we from clinical HGGE?

How long before the tech for Human Germline Genetic Engineering is a realistic safe option for clinical application? I’m not asking about how long law or society will take because some places and people will probably never accept it. My SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) is 10 years for therapeutic Knockouts/Knockins for things like Sickle Cell Anemia. Potentially, someone could of developed the processes and procedures yesterday and not published yet or of course it could take longer. From then it would be another 10 years for augmentation with known sequences.



  • Therapeutic is already and has been an option for a long time. It is documented, it is used in clinics in the United Statesf. Each therapy is different with different roadblocks and conflicts which means they aren't just... magically available for all things.

    responsible HGGE is much further out than 20 years, impo.

  • If I could trouble you to alleviate my ignorance or if I’ve mis-asked my question, I'm aware of clinical gene therapies but for modifying human germlines I’m only tracking the He Jiankui affair. Current techniques still run high risks of off target edits and mosaicism depending on technique.

  • Ah, no, I think I misunderstood you. I didn't realize that the ten year amount there was for geneline work. Therapeutics sort of have a different usage. They're responsive. I think the word prophylactic is used here (not just for condoms), as that is the term we use when describing vaccines. They are prophylactic.

    So anyway, I didn't think that you meant that because ten years is way way too soon for that tech to be available in any normalized sense.

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