xG3 - Standing the Test of Time

Hey all, just wanted to give a long-term review of my experience with the xG3 so far.

I bought mine and injected it around the beginning of 2020 into the blade of my left hand, about half an inch in toward the palm, just below the first joint of my pinky. Good terminology, I know.

Anyhow, it's put up with some serious s***. At the time I was sorting lumber at a local mill and often had to use that hand to move very heavy boards rapidly... for the entire shift. Free time was and still is spent lifting weights, hiking, rock climbing, and other activities that would effect it even if not as severe. I also cut, split, and obviously carry around my own firewood every fall.

The point of course isn't me, but the fact that the magnet went through all of this for almost 3 years now and not only has the coating remained perfectly intact, but I've experienced no loss in sensitivity or field strength. I can still lift the same ferric objects as I could when it first healed.

I think this is pretty impressive, personally. I've since gotten another disc in a finger since it's just a superior sensing setup but I've had no reason to remove the rod.

Haven't seen any longer term follow-ups for the xG3 around so I figured I'd throw my chip in for informational purposes. Maybe others might chime in and we can get a decent pool of data together, but my own experience has been super positive. It's a tank!


  • Thank so much for sharing! It's really valuable to get a longer term look at this stuff. The xG3 is a nice little magnet. Few if any failures.
  • What makes that xG3 so reliable? Is it the quality of manufacturing?

  • Happy New Year! I can only speculate but certainly a combination of that and the quality of the coating material. "Schott 8625 bioglass" is pretty durable and commonly used for animal transponders in the wild. I don't pretend to know more about the application or material properties beyond that.

    It's a huge shame titanium nitride coatings are so difficult to apply, to be honest I still feel like I'd be more comfortable having that if it could be done without the high risk of failure. At least that's how it was a few years ago (I'm thinking directly of the M31) maybe a breakthrough has been made.

  • Glass is a pretty reliable encapsulant, as long as it was sealed properly. Titanium metal is better. The Titanium Nitride ceramic coating alone is unreliable because it develops small cracks and fissures even under day to day stresses.
  • Thank you so much!!!

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