A few useful tools I've picked up.

Hello all,
Name's Entheos, and as the name states, my pleasure is working with plants, nerves, and generally anything that alters or enhances neurological function. Everything's all theoretical at the moment, until the last of my laboratory equipment arrives, but I figured I'd share a few tools that I use and which might be useful to anyone else interested in Gene-mod specifically. Don't know if it'll have much use to people not on a Mac, but I'm sure there are copies for pc users too.

One of the single most useful progs I've downloaded since I first got interested in biology freshman year.

*Favorite Program. Ever.



  • Welcome Entheo! 

    Definitely keep us posted on your work. There are a lot of us here that are also interested in unique plants. Especially plants with strange nervous system effects. I've had a long time time fascination with solanacease types and certain south pacific fish poisons. Currently really interested in PKR inhibitors, if you ever cross paths with any botanical sources.
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