Grindfest planning 2023

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Hey everyone. We're ramping up GF planning for this year in the Slack. We'll have an announcement out in the next week. If you want to be involved in planning (like dates) jump into the group.


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    Ok, so the tentative dates are the weekend of May 25th. We'll make it official in one week after people have weighed in. It's a holiday weekend so people have the monday of to travel home.
  • We should make sure people who have school and finals weigh in for sure, I haven't seen anything from them in the Slack or here.

  • I just wish it wasn't so damn expensive to get to the West Coast from the East Coast.
  • Hopefully I can come this year :)
    Problem: where can I sleep. I came from Austria, and will stay for 2 weeks in the USA. So my friend will take me to the Grindfest and will go back to LA or Las Vegas. So no bodymods or similar stuff for him :-D
    I can't take a tent with me, Sleepeing bag will work - this isn't so heavy.

  • We are going to give more information on Grindfest 2023 after the 10 of December. Stay tuned

  • Hey Sandra! A lot of people send sleeping bags or tents ahead of time. We definitely have a sleeping bag you can use. Theres ususally a hammock village set up and tents in the trees.
  • cool :) But I will take my own sleeping bag with me. Still waiting, to get the OK for my holiday. So annoying that some collegues are slowly to give their holiday plan to our boss. The prices for flights are rising. If my boss can't say something next will, I will aks her.

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