Deep Brain Stimulation

These DBS devices are really versatile. They can treat a lot of conditions like chronic pain, depression, ADHD, etc. They can also be used to enhance cognition, memory, and probably other stuff. Like all medical equipment, the DBS units are outrageously priced. I was looking at this patent though....

This can't be too expensive to build, right?
inb4 don't do it
inb4 cutting open the skull is a bad idea
inb4 remote hacking

Just want to talk about the device in this patent and ease of manufacture.


  • I have been interested in DBS for some time now, it's very interesting. I have ADHD and depression but idk if insurance would cover such a procedure. That one seems very risky for the underground community to attempt, I can see a high fatality rate of we tred that.
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    building such a capsule is not that much of a technical problem. parts are worth just a few cents. some production steps may be a bit more costly but nothing that couldn't be pulled off on a budget with the right equipment

    but.. and i will say that only once: don't mess with the central nervous system.

    if anyone has to ask why not?... go ahead, you probably don't have much brain to lose anyway.
  • Believe it or not, the procedure isn't as complicated as it seems. People have been doing trepanation for thousands of years. I watched a few DBS surgery videos and I was kind of surprised. A local anesthesia is used on the scalp, but the patient needs to be awake for the procedure so there is no need to knock out the patient. The brain itself feels no pain and the implant usually goes right between the two hemispheres.

    I totally got this. <kidding>
    I'm working on some medical tourism options. I might be able to find a doc, but I refuse to pay retail for the device. Anybody interested in cranking a few of these out to test? Just send me a bid.
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