Defcon Brainstorming

So, AugLim did pretty well at DefCon. We made a lot of cyborgs, hung out with awesome people, and caught some great talks. I was there for Vanadiums talk. You won't be able to catch one of Mixaels as it's a sky talk. But definitely cool. There were a couple of others I missed. Maybe ill make a thread for each as I go. Hmm

We ended up working primarily out of the retail hacking village thanks to Saito! We've been speaking with a couple other villages as well who may give us a spot next year.

Issues we noticed/had etc:

No room at the biohack village. We ended up doing inserts 1 hour a day in the village because they really didn't get the room needed. It wasn't anyones fault and we really appreciate it. They were given two small rooms and one large. The large room was occupied by all the medical device folks and the two small rooms were occupied by talks. Everybody from the BH village were so helpful and accomodating and were super helpful. But, we'd like to be able to take our time and do our thing without impinging on the time and spotlight given to people doing real, paradigm shifting level shit. We need to figure out our space. I think next time, I'd love to give a talk about all the progress we've made but set up shop elsewhere. We had a bunch of people complain that they couldnt find us too so were going to have to make signs and be more visible.

We didn't really have the Biohack meet up room this year. :/ There was no Cyberlass to make all the things happen. Also, we've always used Synns place place to congregate ahead and to crash and recover afterwards. She's currently on an epic treck back to live in Canada so her place is no longer an option. The AugLim folk have been super busy and some day we'll make tons of money. I'd love to get even a minor suite near Defcon and host every year but it's not something we can afford yet. Maybe we can elect someone to take point and we could get a reservation ASAP if a good size group pitches in? For those whove never attended, the weird underground Biohack party has ways always been the highlight for me. So much exchange of knowledge. Weird and amazing self experiments. A lot of the coolest projects have sprang from discussions in the biohack room. We need to keep it going.

More specific to the AugLim people.. but products to stock. A lot of people were looking for the XSIID in specific colors. Many of the flex type products could have easily been implanted there as it's done with a 4 gauge. The problem is that we can't afford to stock these. Some of these products are a couple hundred bucks. Amal from DT is pretty much always willing to colloborate if his customers gain access to experienced safe artists. At one point, we'd discussed having code where people could prepurchase and have it shipped to us for events. Do you think this would be enough? What would you want implanted?

Ok, Pie in the sky idea.. I know we've got the site.. people still argue terminology and look and the Aspryites with disdain.. but perhaps we should consider making our own village at Defcon. The Cyberpunk Village? I'm not suggesting we divest ourselves from the biohack village, but in some ways what we're doing in terms of designing and building implants isnt in the same vein as what the current village is doing.
Im in no way suited to head up such a thing. I lack the organizational skills. People i've tried to sell on this mostly answer with, "do you know how much work that would be?" Ha. We need one of the people who join the community and say, "you know, i don't know anything about this stuff and can't be of any use" but are secretly genius level project managers or scrum masters or whatever to step up.
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