Defcon 2022

Howdy. So I was speaking with Nina from the Biohack Village and it's going to be another awesome year. So, Auglim has a room from 6 to 7:30ish each night to talk about both our products and those from Dangerous Things. DT stuff will be available for sale there and we should have some good prelaunch deals on Auglim implants. Also, there are some Body Artists from the community who are donating their time to help with the self-insertions of tags.

Oh hey, also we're setting up Ukiblahdum there. You know the intricate black light bar at Grindfest? Yeah, people named it. We'll be making showings at Defcon, Grindfest, Neotropolis and whatever other events we decide on. We can't distribute alcohol though as it's frowned upon by the casino. We have other ideas. Ha.

So anyone going for their first time? Looking to hook up with other Biohackers? Find us in the Biohack Village or reach out to us at Auglim. So who's going?

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