Telomerase lengthening

Hello gang
I'm in the mid-stages of a six-part doc for Audible on longevity medicine, with a specific focus on people taking gene therapies to lengthen their telomeres and - if the science allows - live longer.

I have interviews done or lined up with most of the obvious names in this space: Church, Martin, Barzilai, de Grey, Blasco, Andrews, Parrish, Bernadeane and Strole, a whole heap more. But I figured the good people here might have some stories to tell.

Have you tried AAV-delivered hTERT? Would you? And what do you think about people who do?


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    Can I reccomend interviewing dr bad stanfield as well? AAV-delivered hTERT seems to be being rearched as potential cure or relief from alzheimers, if I have a high potential of developing alzheimer's then I likely would yea.

    I would also try it for the potential longevity results even if I don't have signs of alzheimer's.

    Short answer, yes I'd try it.

    But it doesn't look like it's had many successful results in the research they are doing with it.
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