Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Stimulation

Does anyone know where I could find a device for tFUS along with some good resources on how to use it? I've read that it can stimulate areas much deeper in the brain and has better spatial resolution than tMS, tDCS, or tACS. I do have some safety concerns about tFUS though. One ultrasound can be dangerous and can destroy tissue if used improperly, and two ultrasound disrupts the blood-brain barrier. Any and all information about tFUS and safety would be greatly appreciated.


  • I have done a lot of research on tDCS but I have never seen this tFUS. Are you sure about your sources? or how is supposed to work? Any papiers ? There are same good tDCS products you can look into, I can help there. I have no sponsor or kick backs , no worry.

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