Removing magnets

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this might not be a very popular topic, but its something i have been thinking about. im going to put a magnet in my finger and i plan on keeping it there, but if for some reason i decide i really dont want it anymore i want to be able to remove it. i know you could get it surgically removed, but are there other ways to get it out, like forcing it to reject?
i was wondering if you wanted it out, could you put a strong magnet on your finger every night and force it to reject that way? if so, would it being parylene C coated make it less likely to reject?


  • @SixEcho's already had to get its implant removed.  You can read the discussion about that.  They talked about using magnets to get it out, and decided that in a situation where the magnet's rusted, that's not likely to pull it with enough force.
  • ah, i hadnt seen that, thanks. its not exactly what i meant though, i wasnt thinking of removing because of failure, i was thinking in case of, i dunno, change in job where the magnet would be a problem, or something like that. would you be able to force rejection in a undamaged magnetic implant?
  • @Squeegy:  Yeah, you should.  Steven Haworth found that if you try to carry stuff using the magnet for too long or too often, the skin dies and the body will reject it, so that might work if you try to carry stuff with the magnet.
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