Does the payment implant work and how you do it?

I was thinking of getting walletmor implant, but I use the iphone for the RFID payments in my city. What are caveats about it and what are the caveats of turning card chips into implants?


  • I'm planning to get the walletmor. Because where I'm from the bankcard is owned by the bank so transforming it to a implant you need approval from the bank. The walletmor chip has the same standards as bank cards. The down site is that you need to open a special bank account for the walletmor chip.
    In Europe its free and you can use the chip for 8 years. In the USA there is not really a free bank account and only for 3 years useble for payments
  • Simple if you have a high frequency implant already just get a cash app account because the card is contactless chipped. Nfc read your card when you get it and then put the URL in your nfc implant and make sure you make your card info invisible with a pin on the app and boda bing boda boom. Contactless payment without expiration like cheapo scheming walletmors kthx
  • What? You wouldn't be able to use that at a payment terminal.
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