Module for laser eye color change

*Research stage.

It appears to be viable to modify existing q-switched nd:YAG lasers used in tattoo removal to change the color of the iris to gray/blue by removing the eumelanin and pheomelanin in the anterior layer of the iris.

*Note: its important to understand that the intensities of light used for tattoo removal are NOT appropriate for use on the iris. I really don’t want people going off the handle on this one, you can at best scar your iris permanently, at worst blind yourself. Disclaimer complete.

The setup would have to be computer guided. Ive watched the procedure, the focal point of the laser moves in a spiral pattern from the outside of the iris toward the pupil, stopping short of its edge.
The mechanism isn’t photothermolytic, ie. they dont appear to be destroying the pigment but rapidly raising and lowering its temperature to induce an immune response where macrophages seek out and destroy the pigment.
Would achieve an effect of apparent central heterochromia; blue eyes with a brown/green central color depending on beginning eye color. Done correctly all eyes would come out gray/blue.
The procedure is noninvasive. And in my opinion conceptually simple. The issue is that all the research is proprietary and the patents are overly vague.

Issues: I’m waiting to hear back from an opthalmologist, but a viable eye analog is rabbit. I don’t yet know about the refraction/absorption of light by the cornea. I’m also pursuing more information about the range of tattoo removal lasers. Modifying the beam is an optics issue. I’m hoping that we don’t have to wire this thing into the tattoo removal laser machine. Hard pitch. Absorption spectrum of melanin indicate that ideal absorption occurs in the 300-400nm range. 100% the goal is to prevent damage to the surrounding tissue. And not do anything that induces cancer. The 300-400nm range is UV and I don’t yet have an answer about carcinogenesis. But it’s already an approved cosmetic procedure, so I think we’re good as long as we get close enough to the standard procedure.

The project goal is open-source plans and software for an addon module for most major types of tattoo removal laser machines. Ideally something that you would plug its stylus into and would correct the beam for our purposes. I’m thinking oscillating mirrors and a form factor that immobilises its relation to the eye.

I would love to build one of these and take it to grindfest. I would love to see one of these in a tattoo shop. We are a family, and family, I’m gonna need alotta help.

Much love grinders. Science for the masses.



  • That's actually cool as hell. I mean, eye tats are far easier and less effort full but still.
  • edited March 2022
    Thanks man, I agree, eye tats etc. Someone raised a cool idea on Dangerous Things. Why just total color change? Why not designs or words? A bit more challenging but not impossible. Wish I had thought of it.
  • Sorry that you didn't feel welcome on the Dangerous Things server. I don't think anyone was trying to scare you off. Feel free to reach out if you want any help with the electricals.
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