Watch implants.

Does anyone know were I could find a led implant that displays the time.



  • I only heard of the NorthStar project from grindhouse, they wanted to change the lights to make it a clock if I don't remember bad. but it has been silence in 2 years. There is also the android phone attached with magnets under your skin: There should be a youtube video but I can't find it.

  • We have this ongoing community project called the Endochron. The original idea was betavoltaics from Widetronix, which we worked out with their CEO Chris. Unfortunately the NRC is making that difficult because it's too much tritium and the fees are upwards of $8000/yr for licensing (plus we may not be able to ship it once complete). We're current exploring using an NTAG 5 for configuring the RTC and NFC energy harvesting into a reservoir of supercaps. We might employ other energy harvesting methods like photodiodes to top it up throughout the day. If you want to contribute, please do.
  • not gonna lie this seems metal as hell, bit big of a procedure for me personally but still. really really cool.

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