How to evaluate private full genome sequencing providers?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knows where you could get a full genome sequencing of yourself where they will give you the dump / usb drive / etc and delete all records of it.

I understand how it would be sketch if they didn’t see you in person to verify they are collecting from the same person so I would be ok with that part. I also know that med record laws in the USA require them to keep them for ~7 years, so a non-medical research context or another country without such requirements would be ok. I’m mostly doing this out of personal curiosity, so it’s for research purposes personally vs. medical.

I know casual searches show some companies like or guardiome, but they seem kind of sketch so I don’t know how much to trust them or how to actually evaluate them. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think a illumina novasec 6000 is a six figure machine, so buying one of those is probably not practical too.


  • Nebula Genomics is pretty good if you want the privacy.
  • Nebula, yep. You can pay a little more for a three-time pass minimizing the error rate. You can export to Yfull for interpretations and a few others. In warning: the results are not easy to interpret and it did take quite a while to get the results back but totally worth it.

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