My bank supports wearables now…

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Recently my bank started to support wearables (rings, bracelets, watch straps, etc which you can use to pay with), so that begs the question: can this be implanted? I remember reading a thread on here of someone who got something similar to work.
Would it be possible to extract the electronics of such a wearable, place it inside a biocompatible casing and get it implanted? Does anyone have any experience with this?


  • Yes, it can be done. The hardware part responsible for the data transfer for the purchases can be implanted in a finger or most commonly in the side of the hand. Personally no experience in that. You should look what is the data transfer format is used by your bank. You might be able to by the implant off the shelves.

  • I can help with that if you want. I design NFC antennas and convert payment wearables into implants.
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