Airport security?

Will any of this stuff get you stopped by airport security in the US and how would one get around that? Also are there any laws I should know about that strictly forbid this kind of thing?


  • The implants are too weak to be picked up by the detectors (both metal detectors and the scanners).  At the very least, I've never once been stopped because of them.

    As for laws in general, the rule of thumb is that doing stuff to yourself is perfectly fine, but doing stuff to anyone else is a grey area.  I'd recommend checking out your local laws on this subject.
  • Also, has anyone heard of any deaths from the magnet shielding being breached?
  • Haven't heard of any, and I'd be pretty surprised if there has been one that's not mentioned on this board.

    The finger/implant sight looks pretty nasty after the bioproofing gets breached, quite noticably so, so if you notice anything strange, get it taken out by a doc.

    I mean, come on... if you've got a magnet in your finger and you wake up one day with a purple/black or red and fucking swollen finger... or anything out of the ordinary, you'd look into it, surely...

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