New arm form a Polish developer and looks really good

just recently found on YouTube I really like how it moves and looks. But before anyone goes for the butcher knife I would like to point out the developer never shows the pump and the computer responsible for the movements. I find this worrying. But at the same time I will follow they're progress to see how it goes.

Any one can guess by the sounds what pump they are using ? Or didn't I notice a detail ?

No news on pre-orders yet


  • The very insect-like noise of the joints moving really adds something.

  • They have a new video, I'm really happy they are showing the requirement to make that arm functional. That is a full briefcase and really noisy.

  • I think the main issue with pneumatic arms would be the source of compressed air, pneumatics are relatively energy inefficient.
    The human forearm is terribly inefficient as is however it's already got a good power source.
    I think that using servos is the way to go for forearm assemblies since electromagnetic motors are efficient and a battery can always be hot-swapped or recharged from your phone's power supply, additionally the use of traditional mechanical design would be greatly efficient and integrating it with compliant mechanics would simplify the fabrication of the assembly enough for more systems allowing for a higher amount of degrees of freedom and range of motion.
    My main issue as I have no clue about neural networks would be the software interpretation of the raw myoelectric signals from the residual limb to allow the firmware to drive the motor array in specific patterns reliably.
    another thing I've noticed is the forearm needs to actively resist external force when this can be done passively (so more efficiently) by simply locking the cable tendons in position by applying a brake, this also in theory should hugely boost grip strength since now you only rely on the weak motors to pull the hand/fingers into position, this frees up space as smaller motors can be used and that can be used for sensory feedback systems amongst other things.

    so overall very impressive, however we are nowhere near the ceiling.

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