Are there people lurking on here?

Because it seems like there isn't a ton of activity as far as I can tell.


  • According to the admin dashboard we have a handful of daily lurkers. Probably there are more who have email notifications set up for specific threads.

  • Oh sweet. I'll try to post more then I'd like to be more active in the community.

  • Well consider that very likely we all have job to do and most of the hacking we do, doesn't need cooperation. I doubt a place like this would ever generate high level of traffic or post. And in fairness I like this. :)

  • @kuroro86 I very rarely check this place but I don't really come here for the cooperation or group things. I come here to see what kind of crazy ideas people are having or attempting to implement. My favorite was the guy who was asking if they could do a full set of dental implants made from titanium.

    The response from the community was pretty interesting to read though sadly they showed me how bad of an idea it was because of all the supporting systems that could need to be reinforced to prevent you powderizing your jaw biting a piece of gravel.

  • Some of us are active, we just have other communities where we post most of our developments. This is like the archive/neutral ground
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    There's a Dangerous Things forum that is very active, a Slack for this forum, and several subreddits and Discord servers
  • I've lurked for a long time, finally signed up.

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