is it possible to get a healthy limb amputated?

I'm currently looking into removing my left arm but can't find a way, how does anyone know how I could? (I'm from UK)



  • Technically yes. Realistically absolutely not. You won't be able to find anyone willing to do so. Prosthetics are still far behind even being able to argue that you wouldn't lose quality of life.
    I would be shocked i you can find someone in the UK willing to do it because I imagine the NHS would have quit the fit.

  • I don't think you can successfully DIY this, but apparently some surgeons will do it for money.

  • Are you familiar with body integrity identity disorder (BIID)? I think there are a few documented cases of individuals who successfully got amputation surgery after being diagnosed with BIID due to mental health. Iv also read about someone who consistently attempted giving themselves frostbite/gangrene to necessitate an amputation. After multiple failed attempts they ended up using a chainsaw and calling 911. I do not recommend. stay safe.

  • I can comfortably say that you won't be able to DIY this. It would be safer and cheaper to do some medical tourism to another country with reputable surgeons who you might be able to convince to do it for money. Probably somewhere in Central/South America or Central/Southern Asia.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't do attempt to DIY this. I'm saying that unless you have millions of dollars to throw at buying your own medical equipment, learning the necessary skills, and probably hiring some help, you're not going to be able to safely pull this off. And if you do try it with anything less than a full operating theater of equipment and transfusion stuff, you'll very likely die.

    In short, cheaper and safer to hire a surgeon.
  • Go to the surgeon and see if they can lop off your leg. People should be free to be transabled just like they should be free to change their sex. Sadly, some doctors and DIYer's will do it for the money. People think you should change autism to neurotypical behavior and it is possible. But lop off your healthy leg and some people think you're nuts.

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