People with "invisible" UV ink tattooed over other tattoos

So how visible is the marking from the "invisible" UV inks like Bloodlines nuclear invisible?
I'm planning to at some point make additions to a few of my tattoos with UV ink and one of my palm tattoos (once it's been gone over enough to stay fully) might look good with a fully invis UV addition depending since I went full nerd and got the Klaus Hargreeves palm tats (HELLO on the right hand and GOOD on the top and BYE on the bottom of the left hand) and if it's barely noticeable then I'm toying with the idea of a smaller script running through the BYE saying RIDDANCE.

Yeah I get that this is a lil off topic for a place like this but of any community I interact with this has the highest chance to have people who have extensive ink including UV stuff.



  • I do not have a UV tattoo, I looked into it though and the cons seemed to outweigh the pros with current technology. On its own, it becomes yellowish and doesn't remain invisible, and layered over color I heard the inks can mix overtime and give an ugly uneven pigmentation (like watercolors that do not use lines to separate colors). I'd like to hear more feedback as well, I would love to get a fully invisible UV tattoo myself.

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