I need advice on where to get a chemical composition test done by an accredited lab

So I keep trying to post a thread with pictures of the samples I need tested, but it keeps being deleted everytime I add a picture. Anyways I have multiple samples of what I believe to be biotechnology that was injected in my face and body by my sister who is a bio major at truman university. I found I was able to use a strong neodymium fishing magnet to pull this stuff out of my skin. This biotechnology comes out as a sticky/viscous fluid that burns, a dark reddish dust, and multiple colored rice sized particles. This has been happening since I moved from Texas to stay with my family in 2015. I found out this stuff stops appearing when I make sure to sleep behind a closed and locked door. However, I stupidly slept out in the open during a camping trip that my sister just so happened to come along for. Since I got back from that camping trip, this stuff started to come back all over again and I'm through with being a victim to this shit. I have even been able to hear a high pitched signal that comes from all my samples, using my audio recording equipment. So I am very certain that I have been removing multiple varieties of biotechnology (rfids, smart dust, and smart fluid). I just need an accredited lab to give me a good price to officially confirm my findings. I know this sounds crazy. However, I am hoping by being completely transparent and getting my evidence professionally analyzed, I can prove that my sister is the only person who could have possibly injected me with this crazy shit that is extremely painful to remove.


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